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my newts won't eat, what should i do?
when feeding newts, you can't just drop the food in the water and hope they'd find it. you need to get a blunt pair of tweezers and wiggle the food in front of them. sometimes they only know it's food when they see it moving. maybe later on they'll learn to recognize it.
some newts are very spoiled, i have one who hates bloodworms. i just feed him some other newt food i got at the pet store.
newts also get bored if you feed them the same thing all the time. buy two kinds of food and feed them alternatively.
what kind of insects should i get my newts?
if you walk by a pond or a puddle, check for mosquito larvae, these are newts' favorite food! you can also feed them other insects you catch, like small flies. if you just keep them in a closed jar in the fridge they will become slow moving and inactive, and the newts won't have a very hard time catching them. you can also freeze them first.
don't try to feed ants to the newts! i know they're the easiest to catch, but newts absolutely hate them.

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